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Saydon Food & Beverage Limited

Leading internationally compliant consumer brand producing 200 agro-food products in 10 food categories delivering over 110 countries. Categories include Juices, Drinks, Mineral Water, Bakery, Carbonated beverages, Snacks, Culinary, Confectionery, Biscuits & Dairy.

Along with catering to the diverse tastes of our global consumer for since 2015, we contributed to developing rural economy, generate employment, export earning, agriculture and consumer health through our shared values and commitment towards the society and environment.

Farins Food & Beverage Plant at Keraniganj

Our Inception

Bangladesh is known as the country of six seasons. It has ideal weather for agriculture and hence, the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The opportunity to utilize this scope for business inspired the Habibul Islam Safin to put his mastery to excellent use. He had a vision that would not only serve the society and its people but would also create a business that would redefine the food manufacturing industry. And thus, SFB was born in the year 2015. A successful period of 4 years led to the diversification of SFB’s operations into agriculture in 2019 through contract farming, with the coordination of AMCL, (Agriculture Marketing Company Limited).

“Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” further cemented its place in the industry through a food processing plant at Keraniganj, Dhaka in 2015. Coming through this period of endeavor, “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” has now established itself as one of the top manufacturing companies and has set the grounds for development for any potentialities.

Farins Food & Beverage warehouse at Keraniganj

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Better Future with Fresh Food

Our Mission

Our aim is to generate employment and earn dignity & self-respect for our compatriots through profitable enterprises.

Farins Food & Beverage International Marketing Team

Corporate Values

“Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” prides itself on being an organization that has performed excellently not only on a domestic level but on a global level as well. As an environment-friendly organization, “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” has set an industry-wide benchmark in its home country through its continuous contributions to the economy.

The talent management within the corporation has allowed its excellent workforce to work together in building an organization that believes in providing equal opportunity for everyone. Also, “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” acknowledges all the complaints and suggestions given from every single level of the organization. “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited’s” corporate culture is based on maintaining professional integrity. “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” rewards competence and the workflow is deadline oriented.

As a company, “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” has always endorsed environmentalism and understands its responsibility to advocate and practice ecologically beneficial activities. Furthermore, it nurtures the belief of taking care of each of its stakeholders as well as the society at large. And so, “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” puts its belief into practice by carrying out activities that benefit the economy and thus, the people operating within that economy.

In Society

The establishment of “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” was based on the vision of providing products that enhance the health, nutrition, and well-being of society. Along the way it has contributed to increased rural livelihood in its domestic country, improvement in the standard of living, a boost of the national foreign reserve and employment generation. “Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” is keenly aware of its responsibility for society and this awareness is reflected in its activities.

Farins Food & Beverage packaging

“Saydon Food & Beverage Limited’s” food principal source of raw food material is contract farming. It greatly contributes to the economic improvement of rural livelihood by means of employment generation and overall improvement of the condition of the rural localities. Growers are provided with quality inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides), improved and advanced cultivation techniques, access to finance, crop insurance, advanced storage and collection system and access to the international market for their products.

“Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” believes in providing benefits that are sustainable in the long-run. The provision of tools, knowledge, and finance nurture self-sufficiency. Also, “Farins Food & Beverage Limited” supports the farmers working by providing them with financial assistance on every level.

“Saydon Food & Beverage Limited” contributes to government expenditure in education, infrastructure development, public employment generation and cash transfer under safety nets. It is also one of the largest corporate taxpayers in its domestic country.


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