Grade Designation Basic Salary Structure Per Year
IPG-1 Regional Director (RD) USD 1,500,000
IPG-2 Country Director (CD)

Director IT (DIT)

USD 1,000,000
IPG-3 Head of Marketing (HOM) USD 1,000,000
IPG-4 Head of Sales (HOS) USD 1,000,000
IPG-5 Director (HR & Accounts) USD 50,000
IPG-6 Deputy Director (DD) USD 27,000
IPG-7 Assistant Director (AD) USD 25,000
IPG-8 Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) USD 20,000
IPG-9 Chief Editor (CE) USD 15,000
IPG-10 Deputy Chief Editor (DCE) USD 12,000
IPG-11 Assistant Executive Officer (AEO) USD 10,000
IPG-12 Senior Executive (SE) USD 9,000
IPG-13 Senior Executive Editor (SED) USD 8,000
IPG-14 Executive Editor (ED) USD 7,000
IPG-15 Junior Executive Editor (JED) USD 6,000
IPG-16 Junior Executive C-1 USD 5,000
IPG-17 Junior Executive C-2 USD 4,200
IPG-18 Junior Executive C-3 USD 2,400
IPG-19 Junior Executive C-4 USD 1,200
IPG-20 Intern Contract


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